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my four year old

August 6, 2013

Things have been quite hectic around here lately – what, with summertime coming to an end, all the kids starting new schools in the fall, birthdays, trade shows, the Gathering pop-up shop, art shows, and then I found out Pearl and the Beard is coming to northern Indiana in early September!!

Nonetheless, with all the excitement and change that has been coming and still is coming – I have to recognize that my little boy turned four! Four!

To think, just four short years ago I sat not knowing what was about to happen . . . how my heart would grow exponentially to fit in all the Love for this little curious, talkative, sing-songy boy that Loves to dance, Loves to draw, Loves to hug and snuggle . . . a little boy so different and yet so much the same from our other children . . . a little boy with bright blue eyes, a smile that goes on for years and years and that perfectly straight blonde hair that gets all the girls looking and commenting. To think, just four short years ago I was walking around in late July at the county fair, counting down the hours until he would come into my life . . . sweating bullets in the 90+ degree heat while the other kids rode rides and screamed at the top of their lungs while they filled with the smells, the scents, of elephant ears and funnel cakes and Indiana sweet corn. This was the world you were brought into little boy – this wonderful little world of ours filled with who knows what and who knows when, but us. And we’re perfect, all 5 of us.

And so I finally got around to catching up in two of his baby books (of sorts) and while the book goes from 3 year birthday letter to 3 1/2 and directly to 4 – it’s all ok. I think he’ll understand we’ve led a busy life living these days and didn’t quite have the time to write it all down while it was happening. Oh my Love.

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