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Winona Lake

June 5, 2013

This past weekend was my first outdoor art show of the year – up north on Winona Lake, near Warsaw, Indiana. Winona Lake is a cute artsy little village about an hour and a half from my folk’s house, which is about three hours from my home . . . so it was quite the drive. But, I’d heard miraculous things about this show, so I was super excited when I got my acceptance. Add to that that I could stay at my parents’, and talk one of my little brother’s into helping me set up, and my weekend was perfect. Lake. Help. 70 degree forecast.

Well, the the weather started to not really be nice to us. Well, we set up Friday night, the little bro and I, and rewarded ourselves with some tasty Mexican food on the way home. . .  little did I know that upon my arrival on Saturday morning I would be faced with mud up to my shins, a soaking wet tent interior, and a chair so sopping wet I had to sit it outside to drip dry. But, I made the best of it – crafted a floor from a Wal-Mart tarp, bought a new chair, and fixed up a clear drop cloth on the interior of my tent to keep the rain at bay.

The rain actually stayed away after that first night (though many artists lost their tents in the wind – I was lucky enough to have a glass artist neighbor that brought extra dog ties for me to use) but it was still threatening throughout the weekend so the crowds were low. But, it was cool, almost jacket weather, and I got to try out my new walls for the first time that I will be using for AmericasMart in Atlanta in mid-July. I got a lot of Lovely feedback from a customer base I’ve not reached before, and a few wholesale inquiries from the northern Indiana region. So, while I came home soggy, it was a great weekend spent with my fam at a new show that I’ll definitely try out again for next year – you never know what Indiana weather’s gonna bring!

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