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The Decoupage Guilty Pleasure

April 5, 2013

There was a time (I think) when decoupage was (both) all the rage and faux pas. I’m not quite sure where it stands now, but I’ll readily admit I’m not (often) one to admit to decoupaging things in my free time (mostly I sneak around decoupaging things whilst listening to Spice Girls). Nonetheless, I’ve been needing/looking for a new (vintage) desk to use in my display, both for the July trade show I’m taking part in, and a few other shows I’m excited to have my name attached to. So, a few weeks ago when I saw this baby appear on FB for sale at the IU Surplus Store, I grabbed the little brother who was staying with us for the week, and we hi-tailed it over to pick it up.

Now, it wasn’t all I was hoping for, I’ll be honest. The legs are super loose (easily fixed) and the table top is UGLY. Clearly I was going to have to do something to it to make it show-worthy. I mean, I’m spending upwards of $3,000 to be involved in these shows, the least I can do is re-furbish a $30 old desk from IU. Right? Right! The day before the little brother (and little man and hubs actually) joined me to partake in the Spring Library Book Sale from our local library. There I picked up this vintage (1901) Collier’s Cylopedia – Compendium of Profitable Knowledge. This book is amazing, and I’m actually a little sad I brutally tore out at least 20 pages from its interior to decoupage my table, but alas, this is what I do. I apologize profusely to the book. {Of note: my mother-in-law was reading over the many left pages and found a few tidbits of great interest – for instance, when you’re on a walk with a friend, and you meet another friend on the street, it is IMPOLITE to introduce the two, because one might not care to know the other. Seriously. GEMS!}

Anywho, little bro and I sat to work on decoupaging the table the week he was here – and we had a ball. He Loved it so, and this is what I got from it! Gorgeous, imho. Today I finished it off by staining/aging it a little with . . . you guessed it, SOY SAUCE! See, I started watching this new show called Flea Market Flip on HGTV, and one of the designers had a deco project and she stained it with soy sauce! While it stinks much more than cofee or tea, it works much faster and is less messy.

So, what do you think? Have you done a recent decoupage project you’ve been too scared to share? Come on out with your guilty pleasures;)

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