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what are your colors?

March 4, 2013

A few years ago a neighbor friend purchased a book from me and responded, “This is definitely mine, it’s in my colors,” and I thought “. .  . well, ok.” I sold a book. I honestly didn’t think much of it.  Now, years later, having thought deeply about color and color theory, mostly in regard to my work, I’m thinking again about what are MY colors? This woman, when she bought the book from me, stated it was in her colors and now, that I think about it, her home, her person, and even her cars and sometimes her small children are always clothed in those colors. So then, what are my colors?

Well, that’s not very hard to figure out actually, but I think they’re changing – and I wonder – is that normal?

See, for the longest time my personal colors were very different from my home colors, my kids’ colors, my car color…etc. If you know me at all, I don’t wear color. Mostly at all. Black and gray, and very occasionally a dash of color, or maybe brown. I’ve pretty much been this way my entire life. I’m not a fan of a LOT of color. There is an exception to that rule – and that’s my home (and my work). When we moved into this house nearly 8 years ago all of the walls were beige save for the kids’ bedrooms and the master. Oh, and the bathrooms were all wall-papered in horrendous florals. We hosted a painting party and beige turned into golden yellow, deep orange, navy blue, and olive green. Not all in the same room, but definitely all on the same floor. Our house is nothing if not colorful.

Today that got me to thinking about what my colors are – are they these dark earth tones  I’ve always painted rooms in my homes since college? I know that’s where it started. I can actually pinpoint the exact time. Junior year in undergrad I lived with a dear friend in campus apartments – I remember I purchased a candle from Pier One that had three very distinct colors (golden yellow, orange, red) and that candle has been the sheer focus of color since the year 2000! That year we painted our walls DARK RED. When we moved into various apartments over the years, I always purchased deep dark red furnishings, with a speck of mustard yellow, or olive green. That didn’t change when we moved into this house – it was only furthered. And it worked. For a long time. It felt cozy, comfortable, like home. It felt full, encompassing, warm. It felt safe, relaxing, and just . . . like home.

But now times are changing. I’m craving light and clean and reflective. I’m craving change. And so, we’ve already painted our dining room “repose gray” (Sherwin Williams) and now I look forward to when all of the hallways (currently beige) and the back room (currently beige and dark orange) can be transformed as well. I look forward to feeling light and new in the entire space and I just can’t wait.

And so, all that being said – yes, I think at one point in time my ‘colors’ were red, orange, and yellow. And finally (it only took 13 years) my colors are changing, maturing, lightening into gray, light yellow, and dark purple with just a dash of turquoise and navy blue. And, I’m perfectly ok with that.

What are your colors? Do you have a set of colors that you feel defines your person, your home, your life? Please share, I’d Love to hear about them!

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