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a welcome {to this world}

February 22, 2013

A new baby always brings new hope, new smiles, and a look toward the future. This new baby is no different, and yet different in many more ways that are unimaginable just because of who she is and where she’s come from. Meet Miss Flannery. She’s the newest daughter to my dear dear friend Lydia and she was born this past Monday amidst a small heat wave in Indiana, only to be followed quickly by an ice storm on her departure from the hospital to home. Oh dear Miss Flannery. Named after the one, the only, you have much to live up to, but I believe, with every ounce of myself, that you will live up to that and more. You have parents whose way with words is indescribable and your way with life will clearly be much the same. May your long toes rest in sand, soot, dirt, and water. May your itty bitty fingers walk nimbly across keys, paper, pen, and earth. May your strong eyes melt the hearts and souls of all those that meet you because you deserve the world – every itty bitty baby in this world does. Welcome to the world Miss Flannery. Welcome to the world.

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