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February 4, 2013

My whole life I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded, nearly on a daily basis, with people, both men and women, who inspire and motivate me. I grew up with two business-minded parents who are self-employed and successfully run their own businesses (still today). My grandfather, a very strong influence in my life, owned his business from as early as I can remember- and now that business has been passed down to my father. I can remember the dedication of his work– every Sunday he would sit down at the large kitchen table and spread ‘the bills’ from one side to another and get to work. Dollar bills lay sprawled over the light wood exterior (more like $100 bills, but still) along with blank checks and envelopes. Papers were stacked neatly in piles as he scribbled numbers in a lined notebook by his side. There was no calculator – he didn’t need one. It was all in his head. There was also no computer – just that yellow memo pad and a checkbook that my grandmother did everything in her power to ignore. After ‘the bills’ were done we would often venture out to buy product to sell – whether it be to flea markets or Sam’s Club, it was always fun (for me), and his mind seemed to always be on the business. And that was ok.

As I grow older I’m continuing to appreciate like-minded individuals that surround me in the way of this business of art. Sometimes it’s hard to see eye to eye with someone who doesn’t see things the same way you do – who doesn’t take into account the investment, the profit, the marketability of something. Sometimes it can make you/me feel guilty that everything, every thought, has turned into something to do with art or business. But no more. Today I set out to appreciate my fellow artists and share them with you! I set out to share with you my role models in this business of art, and we’ll start close to home.

In the coming days prepare to hear about Lori Leaumont of Fanfare and Foofaraw, Megan Martin of Megan Martin Artisan (and Spice of Lift Designs), Amanda and Neal Taflinger of Homespun (and INDIEana Handicraft Exchange), Martha Latta of Sunday Afternoon Housewife (and Indie Loves Indy and Handmade Promenade) and many many MANY more to come. It will be a series, and it will be never-ending, because they never stop coming.

There are also role models far and wide, and I plan to share those with you as well. Role models in design, marketing, advocacy and so on. But first, we’ll start close to home. I hope you’re ready.

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  1. February 4, 2013 11:13 am

    Awww… Talia, I promise the admiration and respect are mutual! Your creativity and ambition are inspiring and amazing!

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