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oh Chicago part ii

January 31, 2013

oh ha! So, I wrote all about Chicago and the fun awesome things we did while there earlier in the week, but I failed to mention anything about the reason WHY we were there. Well, I’m sure you know, if you know me at all – so I won’t go too much into it right now. But, we were there for the Chicago Gift Market.

I wanted to share a few photos of the Market and what a work week looked like for me while in Chicago. Mostly it consisted of sitting in my 10×10 booth staring into an empty aisle – but on the busy days (and there were a couple) it involved writing orders, conversing with a whole new kind of customer, making connections, meeting new artists, and ogling over displays that I just WISH I could pull off.

It also involved getting to eat dinner out at Sable with a dear friend and fellow artist, having a sweet breakfast in with a new friend, and freezing my ass off. It was riding trolleys and cabs to and from the hotel, editing marketing materials at the last minute, collating and stapling orders and taking advice from just about anyone who gave it, and eating LOTS of pita chips and peppermint patties.

In the weeks to come I will be posting lots about my first wholesale experience in my “What I’ve Learned” series – I’ll cover creating catalogs, line sheets, and order forms, what to expect from your buyers, and yet another posting on pricing for wholesale. If you have a question – ask it now and I’ll be glad to answer! 😉

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