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on being a raving lunatic

January 17, 2013

These past few weeks (for me) have been completely and utterly, terribly and resolutely, massively and amazingly overwhelming and chaotic. And all for Love. The Love of trying, pleading, dreaming, creating my business and my life.

Ok, maybe I’m overreacting, but honestly, no, I don’t think I am. See, this trade show- whether you know it or not, is about the biggest thing that’s ever happened for my business. No, it is THE biggest thing that’s ever happened – and it just didn’t HAPPEN – I AM MAKING IT HAPPEN. That’s right, me.

Perhaps a January show wasn’t the best of ideas. Perhaps also trying to redecorate and purge your entire household at the same time . . . not the best idea. Perhaps having your kitchen completely gutted (not by choice mind you) while you’re at said trade show . . . not the best idea. But hey, you only live once right?

So, if you’ve been in contact with me at all in the past few weeks – and ALL I can talk about is overhead or pricing sheets, meeting with my SCORE adviser or catalogs, signage or display . . . well, I apologize. I’m an absolute raving lunatic right now, who only has one thing on her mind.


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