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{creating} our dream house part 2

January 12, 2013

I have been envisioning my new studio for what seems like forever. I’ve just been so unmotivated in the space we have now – with its dark colors (red and orange), extremely large pieces of furniture (three desks, a large hutch, two book cases, and a circular dining room table). I feel like I can’t move around anywhere!

Nearly all of our dining room chairs (a table and chair set from my grandparents’ home) are broken and/or breaking. The only chairs that are reliable are the two kings’ chairs that take up even more room with their design. So, it’s a constant fight playing musical chairs from the dining room table (my large work space) to my desk (where I sew) to the computer. Every time I get up I bump into something and inevitably knock over a shipping box full of packing peanuts onto the floor just in front of Griffin’s art supply cabinet which then just get spread all over the floor before I even have a chance to clean it up.

Every crevice is taken up with something – boxes of leather, stamps, paper, leather scraps, paper, fabric, staplers, leather, paper, ribbon, boxes, books, albums, leather, paper . . . on and on and on. Instead of looking up and around and seeing order, I see chaos and TOO MUCH STUFF. Yes, it’s organized in that all the stamps are together, the leather is together, etc etc, but it’s visible, and choppy, and not motivating (at the point in my life).

And so, I bring you the new (tentative) studio design!!! Which will begin implementation the very moment we return from Chicago at the end of the month! I cannot wait!!

1. The desk area will actually span the back wall and be home to both our PC and DH’s laptop as well as my sewing machine, two desk lamps and hopefully, with luck, a new Cameo!

Above the desk, instead of having shelving full of STUFF, will be a focus wall with the prints I’ve been collecting over the years.

2. The storage area will span the length of a side wall and hold all of the sundries from here to eternity (let’s hope). I still have to find baskets because the whole idea of this is to HIDE the mess, not allow it to be visible even in these cute little white cubbies.

On top there will be (hopefully) a straw canister for ribbon storage, and a DIY cake pan tiered storage container for stamps and pads.

3. Griffin’s art area will be a stark metal shelf (that we already own) with all of his puzzles, his paints, markers, crayons, stamps, stickers, etc etc within easy reach for him.

4. The dining room table will be replaced (with a heavy heart) with a smaller (in width)  rectangular table (that has yet to be found – but I know it exists). And simple line, strong chairs. A work light will hang overhead, instead of the gross one that hangs there now.

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