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{creating} our dream house part 1

January 9, 2013

When we moved into this house nearly 8 years ago I wouldn’t say it was our ‘dream house’. It was a home. With sidewalks. And three bedrooms. In a good school district with a giant backyard. Those things tend to be hard to find here – oh, and (remotely) in our price range. We Loved it. It was our first house – the both of us, and for the kids (then 3 and 9). We bought a Slip and Slide and set it up in the backyard and immediately our neighbors knew we had been perpetual apartment dwellers. We forgot to take out our trash on the assigned days, we let the lawn get too long for the Neighborhood Association’s liking, and we had relatively loud parties in our backyard on weekends when the kids were with their mom (but the neighbor kids were home). Eventually we learned. We subscribed to the paper. We let the kids ride the bus. We began to take pride in our home . . . and then our lives slowly began to fall apart.

Our home became the last thing we thought about at the end of the day — after running a business, working a 9-5, dealing with doctors and insurance companies and raising a teenager, a toddler, and child with asperger’s — the last thing we were concerned with was that our window casings were rotting away from having not ever been painted and our garage door was molding from the bottom up. We didn’t care. We didn’t have time to.

But this year, 2013, right now – we are beginning to care again. Our house is our home. It’s the hub of our family and if it’s not what we want – if we aren’t happy inside it – then where else can we be happy?

So, maybe this isn’t our Dream House. Maybe it’s not everything we always wanted in a home and more  . . . but you know what – we can make it that way. And I plan to. You have to start somewhere right? And we’re starting (of course) in typical Conduit Press fashion, with the studio|dining room.

Watch out, it’s going to be RAD!

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