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it's New Years Eve!

December 31, 2012

I’m not generally a ‘resolutions’ kinda gal. They just set me up for disaster honestly. And I don’t generally like disaster, if I can help it. But this year, I’ve found that I WANT to set resolutions . . . but maybe not resolutions so much as Goals (as inspired from a few users on Instagram). So, that’s what I’m going to call them this year.

13 Goals for 2013.

    1. revamp.redesign studio space
    2. publish.get published
    3. open business bank acct
    4. contact business adviser
    5. blog
    6. new line of lg leather bags
    7. understand Google ads/SEO
    8. 4th St Festival!!!
    9. complete one house & story
    10. paperwork.taxes done each month
    11. sales goals — TBD
    12. group gallery show
    13. SUCCEED

I have a whole other set of ‘personal’ and ‘collective’ goals, of course, and maybe number 14 should be to start.continue to merge these three areas of my life . . . so to share a few:

personal life goals – 13 for 2013

  • PLAY
  • socialize
  • date
  • pay it forward
  • travel
  • purge
  • succeed

Do you have goals for 2013? Do you set resolutions? Love to hear them! Let’s hold each other accountable!

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