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the re-c(r)oup

November 12, 2012

It’s that time of year. Oh yes, I said it. TIME OF YEAR when us crafters, us artists, us self-employed crazies over-extend ourselves about a trillion times outside of our own personal comfort zones and schedule our businesses/art for a show literally every weekend until Doomsday and then also add in making hand-crafted gifts for the holidays to share with our family (to prove to them we actually DO something), and supply shops, stores, boutiques and galleries with enough stock to make their own storefronts look full too. Not only that, we have to start thinking about the business plan for the New Year; which shows will we apply to, when are the deadlines, am I re-branding, re-pricing, etc etc. AND then there’s the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale we like to torture ourselves with if we’re perpetually masochistic, which I am. But, I’m good with it. 🙂

Yes, even though I’ve over-extended myself, I’m happy with where my business stands, and where it’s going.

The snow is falling outside as I type this. Just two days ago it was nearly 70 and I was wearing short sleeves and running around barefoot waiting for the Scratch food truck to deliver my yummy grilled cheese with spare ribs tucked inside. But today, today I will not be running around outside barefoot. In fact, I don’t even really want to go outside, because thanks to all that overextension and not paying enough attention to my own personal needs . . . I’m sick. OF COURSE. Hence the title.

So, this is a note to all you fellow artists, crafters, self-employed crazies out there– TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF because nobody else can run your business like a healthy you! 🙂

**this message brought to you by a sleep-deprived mother of a 3-year old scheduled for 4 shows in 3 days in the next 2 weeks with only 1 person behind the wheel**

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