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working from the ♥

September 27, 2012

I’ve made a lot of books in my lifetime. And in fact, I’ve made a LOT of books just this past  year. Books for birthdays and Christmas, books for anniversaries and travel, books for babies and books for weddings. But, never, have I yet, created a book for a FRIEND and a WEDDING.

I’ve been moping around lately.  A lot. Something about being lonely, working from home, rainy days, and the impending holiday season and what that means for our family and my business. I hit a down slope and it was going nowhere good. And so, I really thought about something things and about how I’ve been creating for everyone else, BUT me. And me was/is important.

Yes, I create every day. For me. In that those things that I create pay bills and fill my time and make me happy, for the moment. I create things almost in a production mode (right now) because of necessity (having a roaming toddler and working from home will do that to you). And I’m tired of that. I’m tired of creating for the sake of creating instead of creating for the sake of Love and beauty and life.

So, I sat down and told myself I was going to create something from the heart. “For me”. Clearly, it wasn’t FOR ME, but it was – because it made me happy. And not just for a day, or for the week or until it was photographed and bought (or in this case given) but forever. It will make me forever happy because I know where this book is going and I know what Love went into it, and for that I’m grateful. Eternally. And I promise, from this day forward, not to get lost in the commotion of production, and instead create things from a deeper place– one that matters more than just me or that paycheck. From the ♥.

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