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tis the season

August 28, 2012

Mu husband briefly mentioned to me the other day that he didn’t want me to get lost/overcome with my work like another strong woman in our lives. He meant well by it, and I agreed with him, but more and more these days, especially with the impending holidays around the corner, I’m finding myself lost in my work . . . even when I’m not physically working.

There have been a lot of posts about it. A few months ago, I read this article and felt silly always responding to people asking how I’m doing with, “Busy.” I felt…high and mighty almost. So, I stopped responding that way, at least in part. But the reality of the situation is, I AM busy. And most of us artists/crafters are this time of year. And thankfully. We’re not griping about it (mostly), we’re just stating the facts. We’re thankful. But, still busy.

This week I’ve been exceptionally stressed out. It’s not even September yet and the thought of the impending holiday season is forcing me to write out numerous ‘to-do’ lists and inventory lists and packing lists and lists and lists and lists. It, of course, doesn’t help that I’ve scheduled myself into a corner with three back-to-back shows (one I’m organizing as a group booth), helping to organize a fair in November, stocking a local shop for the one of the largest and most successful art shows in the state/nation, and, in the end grasping at sanity trying to find childcare for my toddler for my biggest show of the year that’s coming up in two weeks. Oh, and I’m finishing up my Master’s this semester.

I don’t know. I feel like I’m whining. I am whining. I’m thankful, but I’m whining. I’m not usually such a stress ball. I generally let it flow right over me from list to list and just make it work. But there aren’t enough hours in the day anymore it seems. The glue takes too long to dry. The paper takes too long to press. The blades take too long to sharpen and the tags take too long to print. I’ve been delegating a LOT lately. A lot. The hubs has taken over Outright (for now) and even tagged all my work before my last show. I’ve asked a fellow Collective member to help in cutting my own price tags and designing the Collective business cards. I have an apprentice in training (my younger brother) when it comes to carving books and I’ve even gone so far as to ask if the little one can attend every day at nursery school next week in the hopes of getting some last minute work done for the weekend. And yet. . . still, I’m stressed.

So, I read this. And at least I got a little giggle.

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