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on something old being something new (to you)…

August 3, 2012

i would describe my style (or lack thereof, more likely) as comfortable and easy; eclectic and funky with a flair for the years past.  i buy almost everything for my home (and lots of times my clothing and clothes for my family) at resale stores or garage sales.  i enjoy looking for something special that speaks to me  i like feeling like the things i have are more unique and aren’t readily duplicated.  i surround myself with things that feel like my childhood– casual with a heavy influence of the 70s.  recently i scoured etsy for some exciting vintage finds and i thought i would share some of my favorites here.  maybe you will see something that interests you or would be a great gift for someone you know.  just click the picture to link to the page where you can purchase the treasure you choose!

vintage needlework! who doesn't Love their own "home sweet home"?!?

vintage wall art! owls = ❤

what a perfect spot to place your keys when entering your home!!

i Loved this toy when i was a child and i am sure my daughter would enjoy it, too!

i Love funky hand towels and this set of 3 is amazing!

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