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on how it used to be…

July 27, 2012

i used to tell my mother,
when i was young,
that when i grew up
i wanted to be a tree–
a sequoia, to be exact.
(the tallest, strongest,
oldest, wisest tree in the world.
well, at least, to me.)

since then i have learned
it doesn’t quite work like that.
i am just a human being.
(and always will be.)

i used to write poems,
when i was in high school,
full of big words, like:
obsequious, amalgam,
translucent, oblique.
i thought those giant words
made me a poet.
i fancied myself a writer.
i fancied myself BIGGER
than what i was.

now i know the poetry comes
in words that are big
and small– just words
(the ones that fill up
your heart and) that spill
over onto the page with
little to no intention,
then are followed up by
hours and hours
of (editing) afterthoughts.

i used to think i was invincible;
untouchable, but i have learned–
i am imperfect.
and my words are
just out there floating
(looking to collide).

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  1. lori permalink
    July 29, 2012 11:01 am

    Lyd….you are not only a human being…..but an amazing one at that!! I love reading your words….always have!! Im tellin ya….you should be creating cards……or just random sayings……that your soo good at!!! I also still have the poem you choligraphied (sp?) for me on my birthday…..I WILL ALWAYS CHERISH IT!! LOVE U!!

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