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on friendships…

July 13, 2012

a few days ago, jason went outside to retrieve the mail and returned with a large package in his hands.  when he mentioned it was for me, i was confused, since i wasn’t expecting anything at all to arrive in the post.  as he handed it over, i noticed right away the handwriting on the front and knew that my package had arrived all the way from oregon.  in the return address blank, “pattie and tamara” were listed and i immediately felt so glad that my friends, so far away, for what ever reason, had thought of me…

silver falls, spring, 2007

i opened up the package to find two beautiful cards, filled with handwritten statements of Love and well-wishes regarding my birthday last month, my recent nuptials, and my growing family of three.  my eyes welled up with tears at all the kind things both women had to say.  the lump in my throat grew tight as i read their words and felt their Love, despite the thousands of miles that separates us.  it has been almost three years now since i have seen these women face-to-face.  it feels like forever.  it feels like yesterday.  their touching words were so unexpected, but also so welcomed.  it is as if the geographical distance doesn’t exist in moments like that.  those cards were my friends, in the flesh, and they showed up right when i needed them.

after i finished reading the cards, i unwrapped a variety of treasures– a book for myself, a beautiful journal to keep lists and notes and thoughts, a set of prayer flags, and even a beautiful board book for harper to enjoy!  i was elated and could not be more flattered that two of my dear friends thought of me and sent along gifts to celebrate all my recent milestones.

friendship, to me, has always been such a special thing.  i have never had many friends, but those i do call such are people i hold close and dear.  one of the most difficult parts of being away from oregon is not being near my close circle of girlfriends.  i truly felt i could share anything at all with those women.  i felt like those ladies know me at the core of who i am (even the ugly parts) and Love me for all of it anyway.  their physical presence is missed, but i think of every single one of them– every. single. day.  i am so glad that a few of them took a moment out of their lives to send me a little package and let me know that they (no matter the distance and no matter the years that have passed) think of me, too.

*i miss you oregon.  and i miss you tamara and pattie (and evie, and ronae, and gina, and candace, and lindsay, too <3).

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  1. evie permalink
    July 13, 2012 7:34 pm

    Oh Lydia, that made my throat close and at the same time made my heart swell. Had to choke back the tears. Those women are wonderful friends to both you and I. We all miss you Lydia. You are a very special one in a million and I love you!

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