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Brains brains brains

July 10, 2012

Some time ago brains started popping up all over Bloomington. They were decorated by amazing artists local to Bloomington and then placed in front of businesses for all to see. I believe there are in total 22 fiberglass brains placed around Bloomington and everytime we see one Griffin just explodes, ‘Bwain, bwain!’ and he gets SO excited. He absolutely adores them. We generally see one each time we leave the house just because there’s one centrally located on our drive to just about anywhere. These two however, we were actually able to get out, touch, and admire from close up.

The one on the left was designed by the one and only Martina Celerin – and I believe it’s entitled ‘the bipolar brain’. It’s located at the hubs work in the Main Library on IU campus. It’s beautiful and grotesque all at once and Griffin Loves all the flowers and colorful effects. The one on the right is on the B-line trail behind Wonderlab. While I don’t know who the artists (I remember there were two) behind this wonderful brain, I do remember the intricate designs of beadwork adhered to the brain and the homestead paintings on its side. Griffin of course Loved this one too!

You can read about what the brains are on display for here – it’s really an amazing story! And of course you can see them all over town. Maybe someday we’ll get a picture in front of each of the brains!

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