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on the Lake

June 28, 2012

Wednesday morning Griffin and I spent the morning (and the better part of the afternoon) out at the Lake with our friends. While we’ve spent many (many) hours at our neighborhood pool, our backyard kiddie pool, and our city pool, Griffin had never been to the lake before, so I was super excited to share our first experience with some close friends. One of them took these awesome shots! I can’t wait to go back, and I’m pretty sure Griffin feels the same way!

Lake Lemon was everything we wanted our first trip to the Lake to be. When we arrived there was only one other family there who also happened to have small children, one of which who played with Griffin and Lola (and Jessica and Angela) much of the morning. The weather was superb (before the 106 heat wave happened) and the water was clean and cool. The sand, while pebbly, was perfect for the kiddos to play in, and aside from a few cigarette butts here and there, was pretty clean. We made sand castles and moats and our own lakes! We lunched at a shaded picnic table nearby and by the time we left the lake was at its fullest at under 50 people easily. Beautiful. Just Beautiful. Thank you Lake Lemon. Thank you Jessica, Angela, Lydia, and babes!

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