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Wrap-Up – Handicraft

June 13, 2012

This past weekend was the annual summer show of the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange. I’ve been lucky to have been invited for the past three years to this show and somehow it just gets more fun each year; and I think it really honestly has everything to do with the people.

First off, the organizers, Neal and Amanda, are super-professional (which sometimes doesn’t happen in this business of art) mixed with great taste and artistic talent all of their own. They don’t get stressed out or bent out of shape when someone sets up in the wrong booth, a car battery dies, or someone asks them to move their car when they’re in the middle of packing up themselves. They just take it all in stride, and I appreciate that.

Secondly, the show is held in conjunction with the IMAF (Independent Music and Art Festival) at the Harrison Center which means TWO stages full of music, food trucks AND a beer truck. Yes indeed! Could you really go wrong?

Thirdly, the show is just chock full of amazing, friendly, non-competitive vendors that really just make my day (my life really); I knew going into the show that I was blessed to be next to my dear friend Jessica of Opposite of Far.

Already my day was blissful, but little did I know that I would meet a kind man who I would buy beautiful wooden blocks from for my dear boy, that I would get to have a sweet conversation with a fellow book-maker, a silly (business) conversation with two plushie creators, and get to bask in the beauty of a few of my favorite jewelry designers. Not to mention meeting two new leather artists, and seeing a real live reality tv star (she was on Project Runway)!

I wish I’d taken more pictures – in fact I wish I’d taken photos with an actual camera instead of my pretty crappy phone, but I left with the knowledge of many friends and crafty experiences and in the end it was perfectly perfect day.

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