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This Week's 10

June 4, 2012

Totally inspired by Jessica’s post awhile back (i’m a little late in catching up) on bucket lists, I wanted to have a mini-bucket list for this week since the AWESOME INDIEana Handicraft Exchange is coming up this weekend! I often check in with a certain friend and send my ‘goals for the week out’  in a weekly email, I wanted to take this opportunity not to miss out on the little things either, and the life things, so, I give you – this week’s 10!

  1. Take little man for a swim in the pool (depending on the weather)
  2. Journal in my visual journal for at least one day
  3. Make art with the little man
  4. Go to bed early one night
  5. Sleep in one morning
  6. Write something for me (not class, not here, just for me)
  7. Take photos not just for #photoadayjune
  8. Read something fun
  9. Get involved in class
  10. work

Ha. I think that’s a good start! I’ll let you know how I fare at the end of the week after the GREAT show to be had on Saturday!

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