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a Farmer's Market & Art Fair in One

May 13, 2012

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Saturday morning when I hopped online for my morning ritual of playing catch-up on social media sites, I was reminded by the Bloomington Parks and Rec FB page that it was not only the day for the Farmer’s Market, which I ALWAYS forget, but it was also the first A Fair of the Arts for the summer. I immediately wanted to go, had to go, insisted on going, and so I did.

As Fate would have it my in-laws were in town and insisted I leave the babe with them, I didn’t fight in, and I drove straight downtown after a quick shower and breakfast (which I should have left behind) and started the search for parking because our Farmer’s Market is JUST that awesome. For city blocks there is no parking, and I would venture to say a decent percentage of those at the Market were on foot, AND students have gone home, THAT’S how great our Market is. It was so exciting, so exhilarating and now I just want to make a habit, a tradition, of it.

On my way in I texted my dear friend Jessica, of Opposite of Far, to see if she would like to join me, on a whim. Again, as Fate would have it, she was on her way into town from out of town and was able to do just that. We met up, met another friend and her two babes, played in the fountain a bit, and then walked around enjoying the beautiful decently cool weather and all of the local produce and art.

I just Love walking around the Farmer’s Market because of all the color, all of the happiness, all of the smiles and the laughter. Everyone is happy at Market. There are no sad faces (aside from a few screaming children, but they even add to the exuberance of the day) no silly drama, no back stories that anyone has to explain. People are there to enjoy themselves. No one is fighting over this or that box of $5 FRESH strawberries or breaking in line (though they could) over a Feast tamale! There were no less than 5 different ‘stages’ set up for various buskers to play their tunes and each one was individual and amazing in their own way. Each one respectful, happy, and entertaining. From the high school string band to the curly haired boy with the fiddle to the man with the parrot joining another man with a harmonica. It was all just so . . . fun.

And let’s not forget the art fair! The second Saturday of each month during the summer is when A Fair of the Arts take place. This year I’ll be vending in October, but until then I’m just one happy customer! This  month I was excited to meet Beth from Nest (and buy a sweet Mother’s Day gift from her). I also am always impressed by Julie’s butterfly work and Sue Westhues’s gourd art. LOVE. While the art fair brought me out this month, it’s not quite as easy to photograph as the colorful farmer’s market, but there’s always next month!! (June 9!!)

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