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Love and marriage

May 12, 2012

In lieu of recent political events I wanted to share with you the empowering and inspiring words of my dear friend and former guest blogger, Nicole Collins (because, honestly, no one can say it better than she):

In October, I will marry my lovely partner of nearly 4 years; you can’t take that away from me and what it means to us. It is a marriage and it is a union blessed by our intention, our commitment and our love for each other. You have no say in what that day means to us; I do not need your blessing, this state’s blessing or even this country’s blessing for that day to be a marriage in every way that is important.

The only thing I want from you is the same protections an $18 marriage license can buy you and the chick you met last night at the bar; I want $18 to buy me the right to see my partner in the hospital, the right for her to keep our home and our belongings if something should happen to me, the right for her to make end-of-life decisions on my behalf, the right to not have to testify against me when I beat the shit out of some backwoods hillbilly who tells me my love is somehow different and all the 1,135 other rights $18 buys you but we’ll have to spend thousands of dollars outlining with a lawyer.

That day is coming and it will come in my lifetime no matter what vote you may get to cast against me and my family today. I do not need your “blessing” or your “tolerance” or your “acceptance” just as you do not need my blessing to remain a coward using our current fucked up legal system to cast your hate in my direction.

You keep holding on to that black seed of judgment, but your days of using it against me in the ballot box are numbered and you know it. And when we both stand before the ultimate judge, I’ll take whatever comes then (as should you so be cautious) but just know I would walk through fire for Meg Williams today and any day on this earth so don’t think I wouldn’t do it for eternity if I have to.

{this, my friends, is what true Love looks like}

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