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May 10, 2012

{#9: something I do every day}

work. create. think. make. do. craft.

{#10: a favorite word}


Today is also the day that a few (4400+) Etsy shops around the world have chosen to silently protest a few new guidelines posted by Etsy: (from

“Here are our concerns:
Etsy was originally established in 2005 to support indie artists, meaning that the person behind the shop was the artist, seller, photographer and everything else involved with the shop. Throughout the years some shops grew larger and to respond to their needs in 2007 Etsy modified the rules so that ‘collective shops’ were allowed to open. These are shops where a group of people work together, all having a say and input in the shop, although this can’t be an employer and its subordinates (this would fall in the firm or factory category) or a person who buys handmade goods from someone else and sells them as their own (i.e. a reseller). Unfortunately, many shops from the latter two categories are allowed to operate and thrive on Etsy, a competition with which small shops and artisans who make every single item by hand simply can’t compete, pushing small shops out of the market.

We understand that it can be hard to track down all shops that would fall in to the categories of resellers or factories but when evidence is clear and given, we feel that Etsy is supposed to address the issue or simply admit that they have changed direction and are now also a place for factory-made products and resellers.”

While I have mixed feelings about the definition of a collective (remotely for) and the presence of resellers in general (against), I am taking part in this silent protest today by having my shop on vacation. I am taking part because I believe in handmade, I believe in independent shops and artists, and I want to believe in Etsy.

What do you think of the handmade movement? Do you think Etsy should allow ‘collectives’ to sell on Etsy? Do you think items sold on Etsy all need to be made by one hand? Do you think Etsy should allow resellers (individuals who purchase products en masse from factories and then sell them on Etsy)?

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  1. May 10, 2012 4:02 pm

    Totally forgot to put my shop on vaca…I knew I would do that!

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