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on the comfy, rainy days…

May 4, 2012

lately there have been a slew of rainy (or stormy, or semi-rainy, cloudy, grey) days here and this week i want to share how those rainy, dreary, grey days inspire me.  i Love rainy days.  i like to take that time to relax and curl up on the couch and watch the dark clouds go by.  i enjoy those days for lots of reasons, but mainly to watch way too many episodes of “roseanne” and get in extra cuddles and snuggle time with my baby.  the following items inspire me to stay put at home for the day and just enjoy the days with the rain… just click on a photo to link to the item and purchase some of these rainy day wonderful-ness for yourself!

what better wear for a rainy day than cozy pajama pants?

cuddling up on the couch is much snugglier with a big, warm blanket!

fill up a gorgeous mug with tea (or coffee, or hot chocolate)... mmmm...

and, something for my baby, my rainy day cuddler-- raindop stuffed animals!

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