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the windy city: Chattanooga

April 24, 2012

I could say a lot about this weekend . . . I could talk about the 9+ hour car ride with my toddler in the backseat singing “itsy bitsy spider” while eating fruit snacks and granola bars . . . I could talk about getting through the Nashville rush hour traffic by the skin of my teeth but hitting standstill traffic for over an hour in the much smaller city of Chattanooga . . . I could talk about packing a minivan to its capacity with work that didn’t sell and book cases that survived the massive windstorm . . . I could talk about the pretty awesome interns that helped me to unload my minivan on Friday afternoon during the only heat and humidity we saw all weekend . . . I could talk about the SWEET Rita’s Italian Ice that I purchased on a whim at the ‘preview show’ on Friday evening waiting patiently for friends to arrive, that never did . . . I could talk about that second whim purchase which was a hot dog covered in PIMENTO CHEESE (only in the South) . . . I could talk about the lady hanging from giant ribbons in the middle of Patten Parkway or the parade/funeral down the same street or the sweet vendors (Jessica and Wayne) that I met the same night . . . I could talk about the awesome globe that I ALMOST bought for my little brother (if only it had a Superman instead of the Green Lantern it would have been mine, or his rather) . . . I could talk about Saturday (but that would be rather boring) . . . I could talk about Sunday (but that would be only about the wind and the presence of a saving grace that got my staked tent out of the hard red clay beneath the astro turf of Ross’ Landing) . . . I could talk about the lack of a crowd, the lack of profit, the lack of marketing or the lack of . . . a lot, or I could talk about friends. And that’s what I’m going to do.

I’ve met some of my best friends through this business of ‘show’ and though it gets harder each time it seems (leaving the babe at home/with a sitter/etc) and sometimes more costly and my display seems to be growing exponentially by the year, it’s all worth it when you meet a new person that just makes you smile, or you get to hang out with said people that make you laugh so hard your cheeks (the ones on your face of course) hurt. This was the first showtime where I really took advantage of those friends and I regret never having done it before. It’s silly really, when you think about it. Not taking advantage of the great people that surround you. So, you should do it!

I know it’s tough; after a long, hard, (windy and un-profitable) show to want to go out and be social, happy, and entertaining.  But when you’re surrounded by friend, being social isn’t a job; it’s the good life.

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