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Back in the Game

April 14, 2012

mr sogs creatures

Us crafters lead an interesting life. While what we do is not necessarily seasonal – we do work all year long – our show season is very much so (seasonal that is). So, most of us haven’t had a show since mid or late December of last year, and many of us start our season mid-springtime, which is about now. I started my show season last weekend with a local AWESOME market: Bloomington Handmade. And I couldn’t be happier to be back in the game.

It’s such a long lonely winter ’round here. I mean, we haven’t had much snow (or ice) so we haven’t exactly had a ‘hard’ winter, but, as crafters, I definitely think we’re a bit cut off from the world during those winter months. Sure, we communicate via social networking sites and maybe occasionally see one another at social events, but for the most part, we’re all locked in our homes trying to rest until the rush hits us again, and then we’re busy toiling away trying to replace all the stock that the holiday season ripped from our grasp. What I’m trying to say I guess, is I haven’t seen these people – these people that I like to call my friends – in WAY too long.

opposite of far

And there’s just something about a Market that gets you motivated again. Seeing all those smiling faces, the new products everyone has to offer, the new set-ups and life happenings that have taken place over the past few months. . .


This past weekend when I walked into the Bloomington Convention Center I had my hopeful face on: we’ve been having a rough go of things lately on the homefront and I really wanted to leave that all on the doorstep and enjoy my day – pretend like this was my life just for these 8 hours or so. And I did. As soon I backed up the steep ramp to unload my wares I got to see the smiling faces of the organizers of the event (Nicole, Mia, Sally, and Jessica). As I walked further into the Great Room where our show was to take place I could see other friends/crafters milling about, setting up their tables. We walk by one another, stopping to say hello and ask what’s been going on, and still go on about our business.

curly pigtails

For the first time in months I got to see Martha from Sunday Afternoon Housewife but didn’t quite get enough time to sit and chat, but it sure was good to see her. Sam from bobaloo was just down from me (her first B-town show) and we passed each other in the hallway more than once, both of us, I think, ready to be back in this place. Of course, my dear friends Jessica and Elizabeth from Opposite of Far and Curly Pigtails respectively were my neighbors and we got to catch up and dish throughout the show – and for the first time a member of our Creative Collective, Sasha was next to me with Sasha Newkirk: hand fabricated jewelry for her first BHM and I was so ecstatic to see how well the show went for her.

the wind and the sail

Across the way I could witness Laura from The Wind and the Sail and all of the growth she and her business have gone through for the past few years in her new set-up and her line of sweet plush animals. I spoke with Cecily and Joshua from Starsprinkle Supercollider and coveted a gorgeous copper lotus necklace that I might just have to make my own. Megan from Spice of Life Designs gave me a sweet hug and a shoulder to lean on all while impressing the pants of a BEAD and 4th St Festival chairperson. I could just go on and on.

I Love these people. I Love seeing them out and about and what new things they’re up to. I Love to see their work grow and morph into something so perfect that just suits them to a tee. I Love being part of this community and having these people to call friends. I do I do I do.

{very special thanks to Jessica Near for letting me steal her pictures of the show – you can see more here!)

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