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April 12, 2012

I’ve been wanting to expand my repertoire. I’ve been wanting to make other/more leather items. I’ve been wanting/trying to make/create leather clutches and I just keep failing miserably. Ok, well, maybe not miserably, but I’m not succeeding either.

My first attempt was this small black and red clutch. It ended up not too bad, some minor flaws, but the shape and size was not what I wanted.

So, last night I made up a new ‘pattern’ for a larger clutch (large enough to hold a folded magazine) with a triangular fold over. I even allowed for seam allowance, which I didn’t for the first go-round. I thought I was on track.

So, I laid out some pieces of leather (I don’t have a single piece that’s large enough and I like this new way of piecing leather scraps that I used for my Boho ‘line’ of leather journals) on the pattern and went about my business piecing them together one by one. Somewhere, of course, I messed up because the piece, when finished was smaller than I’d intended (easy fix, add another strip) but also would no longer lay flat thanks to the stretchy leather I’m using. *sigh*

So, I try to work with it. Flatten it out, cut some here and there. Move on. Ok. Attach magnetic snaps. Check. Line interior fabric. Check. Now it’s time to line the purse. That went relatively well. Then, when it’s time to fold over and sew the clutch together . . . my sewing machine just can’t handle layer upon layer of leather and thick lined interior fabric. I nearly broke another needle, but managed to just activate the safety device on my machine about half a dozen times before I was finished. Voila.

Yeah, not so much voila. Somehow I lost ‘height’ and the fold over doesn’t quite fold OVER the clutch. Not very safe or protective for what’s inside eh?

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