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The Great Smoky Mountains

April 11, 2012

This past week the babe and I had the pleasure of spending our time in the Smoky Mountains surrounded by sweet sweet family. Here are a few highlights.

As soon as I got in the borrowed Suburban this is what I noticed on the radio . . . sure to be a sign of the trip to come – meaning covered with hilarity. And that was certainly true. About two (or so) hours later we were in Louisville, KY crossing the ‘iron bridge’ into KY  . . . my mother and I were both screaming at my step-dad for staring at the bridges and not the bridge we were driving on and we were having all out heart-attacks. We then got lost and ended up in Pigeon Forge about 8 hours later (about two hours more than expected). But, we still had a great time!

The trip was filled with playing hide and seek in empty cabinets, miniature golf in Gatlinburg with Davey Crockett, throwing rocks in rippling streams on the Roaring Fork motor trail, relaxing in hot tubs and playing pool in the cabin, and of course, getting silly hats at Dick’s Last Resort.

The Smoky Mountains never disappoint.

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