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on $#*! my sister would like…

March 30, 2012

if you don’t know my sister… well, you should.  she is artistic and has a great creative eye.  she has impeccable taste in finding really unique things to decorate her home.  she is beautiful (both inside and out) and her warm, olive complexion looks good in pretty much everything.  basically, she is awesome and she expresses herself through the art that she creates, surrounds herself with, and even places on her body.  this week i want to share some things on found on etsy that inspired me to think about her and i think my sister would Love to own any of these items… (just click on the picture to link to the page where you can buy this neat and surprisingly affordable stuff)!

a classically, simple gift of infinity that you can wear forever and ever and ever and ever...

a fun, brightly colored, unique piece of art that takes on a well-recognized street in a city that my sister Loves...

dandelions through the viewfinder...

for cool, rainy, or foggy days-- simple to throw on, with a bright pop of my sister's favorite color...

i hope you saw something you liked or were inspired to search for something that makes you think of those you Love (and what material things they might Love to own).  if you buy them a gift, please consider buying handmade!

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