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Getting Away

March 21, 2012

After The Children’s Museum we headed north to my parents’ to spend the rest of the week. But that wasn’t all- we asked my folks to watch Griffin overnight (the first time he’s stayed overnight anywhere without Jim or I) so that we could spend a night in a bed and breakfast about an hour north on Lake Winona. Jim made all the arrangements and it was beautiful beautiful night spent at The Blue Heron Guest House.

You enter the property from the back (since the lake is at the front) and you think to yourself, ‘well, this isn’t much . . . is it?’ and then you come around the corner of the two car garage and around the out-building and you see this view of the lake and this huge facade of the house (the front) that you just can’t deny as beautiful. We might not be rich and we may appreciate the little simple things, but sometimes you also have to appreciate the ghastly elegant.

Once inside the home is filled with Victorian era decor and gorgeous antiques that probably cost more than the birthing of my son (which is likely the most expensive thing we’ve ever not paid for – thanks insurance). Our bedroom was on the main floor with two full walls of windows with a view of the lake.

During the daylight hours we walked around The Village at Winona Lake which was about four blocks of little boutiques and art galleries. There we visited The Canal Street Gallery where I found the most AWESOME ring with a fossil as cabachon (if only they had my size!). We also visited SACS and Co. where we had a fun conversation with one of the owners about finding great old library card catalog shelves at University wholesale sales. We also bought some organic/handmade laundry soap (for our CD’ing) and a couple of little massage oil hearts. Oh yeah!

After dinner at The Boathouse where we took our sweet sweet time eating because we were in no rush to be anywhere and in no rush to get the antsy two year old home, we headed back to The Blue Heron. We sat out on the dock for a bit, talking and watching the coots dive under water for their dinner and finally we saw the blue heron fly overhead. Since we were sitting on the dock he didn’t want to join us quite  yet, so we decided to go in and relax and let the heron enjoy his own beach.  (Once inside we decided to sit on our own personal deck for just another moment to enjoy the nice March weather and lo and behold here came the blue heron! Jim finally got to see one strutting his stuff around the sand bar).

Then, I must admit, we spent the next three hours watching television uninterrupted in a comfy comfy king-sized bed that we shared with no one but ourselves.

We woke up late the next morning to Hawaiian Bananas Foster French Toast with fresh fruit and orange juice. Mmmm. I get goosies just thinking about the caramelized homemade syrup.  We shared breakfast with  sweet couple from OH who were in Warsaw for the the NCCAA basketball competition that week. Over conversations about teaching, raising children, and birds, we parted ways and I urged Jim to drive home as quickly as possible so I could see my sweet sweet baby.

But I had a real good time with my original baby, that’s for sure.


See my first visit to a Bed and Breakfast written about here🙂

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  1. March 21, 2012 4:44 pm

    Whaaaat? That place is FANCY! 🙂 SO happy you two got to get away together!

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