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First things first

March 19, 2012

This past week was our Spring Break here in Indiana (and Bloomington). Generally the assigned time for our school (and the hubs’ work) spring break is WAY too early (I can remember driving to NOLA one spring break with 6 inches of snow and ice on the ground). But this year, this year we were blessed with the best weather I can ever remember for this early in March (the last time it was this warm in Indiana was 1994 I’m told). So – we’ve had quite the busy week with vacation and good weather and a wedding to boot.

But, I like to spread things out, so I’m going to start with what happened first on our trip – an exciting venture to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, which, if you did not know, is THE largest Children’s Museum in the WORLD! And it’s amazing. And it was Griffin’s first trip.

Though I was afraid that Griffin would be frightened by the giant dinosaurs and the storm that used to happen in that exhibit, he Loved it. ‘Saurs Saurs’ he said all the way through! I’ll admit though, he really mostly liked all the computer screens he could interact with, in just about every exhibit!

The Museum’s special exhibits this time around were Lego Land and Mr. Potato Head. Both of which Griffin thoroughly enjoyed. He likely could have stayed in any of the exhibits all day long but the adults in the group (daddy and I) really wanted to see the rest of the museum so we rushed him a bit.

There was a whole awful lot to see! (click on the pic to see larger and the beauty that is my baby and hubs)

He had a wonderful time, and so did we. I absolutely LOVE the Children’s Museum and I just can’t wait to go back. I’ll leave you with this super funny picture of Griffin holding his new Sponge Bob ‘Tato’ with a look of fear on his face because the giant robot/transformer in the atrium was talking as we left and it was naptime. Too cute.


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