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a Jewelry box

March 12, 2012

Nearly a year ago I thought about the possibility of creating a jewelry box from a hollow book. A year ago. That’s likely the longest time I’ve ever THOUGHT about something without creating a mock-up or prototype. It’s just been living in my head for 12 months. I think I was scared by the possibility of hardware and how to attach said hardware to a hollow book. I was thinking along the lines of my old jewelry box I had as a child – one that is a simple wooden box, lined with pretty pink floral paper that has a hasp on the outside to keep it closed, hinges on the inside to hold it open, a tiny mirror on the inside of the lid and a teeny tiny ballerina that flips up and plays music when you open it. Yes, that’s exactly what I wanted to create. And I was stuck. For a year. A whole year!

Well, no more! I purchased these books with the thought they would make for great purses, but then when they arrived on my doorstep I quickly realized they were WAY too large to hold in the palm of your hand like the clutches I usually create. So, what to do with them? Well, a jewelry box of course!

I decided (with the help of my ingenious step-father) to forego the hardware and stick with what I know – books, fabric, and ribbon. And so, instead of a hasp, a looped ribbon opens the box and a magnet holds it closed. Instead of hinges, a grosgrain ribbon holds it open. and Voila!

Very soon you’ll be able to find them here!

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  1. April 28, 2012 2:42 pm

    Oh, these are really attractive I love this box, thanks for a nice and uncommon post .

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