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on pine trees…

March 9, 2012

anyone who knows me knows of my deep Love for trees– most specifically, the pine tree.  i feel that pine trees represent life even in the cold and dark.  to me, they speak on the lushness of nature and the longevity of true, deeply rooted Love.  today i want to share a few of my favorite goods– though only material objects, i find they conjure up the true spirit of the pine tree and i would Love to be the owner of all these objects… (simply click on each photo to link to the shop where each piece is available for purchase)… i think you will Love these items, too!

i Love this necklace because it is so delicate and understated.  it shows of the true form of the pine tree through a replica of its needle-like leaves and i think it would look beautiful as a piece of jewelry for a special occasion, though simple enough for every day wear.

i Love this pine tree pillow.  to me, it epitomizes the pine tree– so appealing and friendly.  i think it looks perfectly soft and cuddly and can imagine my daughter walking around and snuggling with it throughout the day.  plus i think it would look really good on my couch.

the cone is an essential part of the pine tree– creating new pine tree life through reproduction!  this photo is simple and beautiful and reminds me of my own family– we three cones, all in a row.

finally, i think this last piece is funky and fun with not too much color and would be ideal for any room of the house (also acceptable in a child’s room).  it accentuates my Love for the pine tree by showing off the simplicity of the tree’s shape and appeals to me, as well, with its retro flair.

i hope that you enjoyed seeing some of my favorite pine tree goods!  you should shop etsy for all things you desire– you will feel incredible for supporting artists that believe in creating unique (handmade) objects and you will own beautiful things, to boot!

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  1. March 9, 2012 9:15 am

    three cones all in a row = too cute!

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