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March 8, 2012

These past few weeks have been . . . well, full. Most notably though, they’ve been full of words for my little guy, which is a change for the better.

Griffin has always talked. He’s a jibber jabber of the nth degree, however, most people (even us) could not understand one word of what he was saying. Ever. We enrolled him in speech therapy a few months back and while that seemed to help little by little in increasing his vocabulary, he was still unintelligible most of the time. Especially to strangers.

Then, a few weeks ago he was diagnosed with his fourth double ear infection in three months. To the ear nose and throat specialists we went and within the week he was scheduled for surgery to get tubes in his ears. I barely had time to think about it, much less second guess myself. Sure, I didn’t want my poor little guy to get put under, and then have surgery, on his ears, but what other choice did I have. It’d be one thing if it were just chronic ear infections – which are painful and inconvenient. But that wasn’t all – his speech was clearly being affected. He couldn’t hear with all of that fluid in his ears constantly. And so we went for it, and the literally 6 minute surgery has been a life-changer.

Granted, Griffin isn’t speaking in full sentences yet, nor can he be understood out of context by a perfect stranger. But, you know what – he does speak in sentences. And he does communicate about 100 times better than he was just a few weeks ago. He can tell us what he wants without just dragging us into the other room by the index finger. He can say yes and no instead of just screaming. And it’s amazing. And Lovely. And I simply can’t wait for more.

The only remotely negative thing about his speech explosion? My cute little boy used to call me ‘mama’ all the time and it was about the sweetest thing ever. And now. It’s ‘mommy’ or ‘mahm’ and I’m oh so sad, but I’ll deal with it until he’s old enough to understand that ‘mama’ is just so much more him.

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