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model day

February 29, 2012

IMG_6001aSometime last week (or the week before, or the week before that) i got it in my head that I really wanted to photograph my new book clutches with a *real* person (instead of just in my boring old lightbox). So, I asked my dear friend Jessica (from Opposite of Far fame) if she would mind doing some modeling for me whilst holding a book clutch, and she happily obliged . . . ok, well maybe not happily, we should ask her that.

But, then, I got sick. Griffin got sick. And then I got sick again. And so weeks passed and I was left with boring old lightbox photos to post the new book clutches with on Etsy. But alas, I felt better this morning, and Jessica was healthy (and Griffin’s healthy) and so while the babe was at nursery school I packed up my clutches (and some clocks) to take photos with Jessica.

Let me tell you why, first of all, I volunteered Jessica to be my model in the first place (for both clutch and clock). There’s something you might not know about Jessica – that girl’s got style. Maybe you do know it though! I mean, if you see her about town she’s always wearing some cute vintage number paired with a sweet Etsy find and I just can’t take it! Her house is the same! The bungalow she shares with hubby Mike is doppled with SUWEET vintage and Etsy finds from the front door fox knocker to the vintage railroad clipboard hanging on her bright blue kitchen wall. Girl’s got style comin’ out her ears! So, without further ado – our morning . . .

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