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on looking for comfort…

February 3, 2012

this past week, my home has been a breeding ground for sickness– first, jason got a cold, and now i have a cold, and being sick just wears you out from head to toe.  in the midst of us adults trying to make it though the day, (powered by chicken noodle soup, hot tea, and bubble baths), and still keep up with our regular schedules, harper has been a real grumpster.  she is getting two molars (and has been for about a month now) and this week has really worn her out.  she has wanted to be cuddled constantly (which, by the way, i don’t mind at all, because usually she is not much of a snuggler) and it got me thinking about what kind of comforts i enjoy when i am not feeling so hot.  and that comfort is exactly what inspired this post.  today i am going to share three beautiful things that i would snatch up in a second if they could ease the woes of my teething child.

first, this vibrant, comfy, handmade blanket:

personally, i Love a nice snuggly blanket when i am feeling under the weather.  in fact, when i don’t feel well, i tend to become a linus and bring my comfy blanket with me everywhere… it is incredible in bed, it can be used to keep warm while playing on the floor, and it can be cozied up with movies on the couch.  this blanket is perfect for my little lady who Loves bright colors and a variety of animals.

next, this hand-dyed sleep sack:

let’s face it, everyone Loves a pair of comfortable pajamas when feeling ill– something you can stay in all day long, if you like.  harper Loves sleep sacks, and i can think of nothing more wonderful than this beautiful blue-grey one to comfort her and keep her warm (and even a hood for extra snuggliness!).  plus, i’ll be honest, blue is my favorite color (and i sure think this sleep sack would make harper’s big, blue eyes look even moreso– even if she  isn’t feeling up to par).

finally, this fun, plush, stuffed animal:

i think it is fair to say that we all can remember a time when a squeeze to our favorite stuffed animal would console anything that ailed us.  this one makes me feel like a dinosaur and a not-so-scary monster had a baby– and it was fuchsia!  this stuffed animal looks perfectly squeezable and i know that harper would enjoy cuddling up to it for comfort when her gums are feeling sore, or even resting her head on it when relaxing during cartoons.

i find that, even as an adult, when i am feeling not so hot, i look for appeasing in items i have found soothing since childhood.  i want to pass these remedies on to my child, as well.  the items mentioned above are just a small look at the huge scope of beautiful, inventive, handmade items that are out there.  i Love shopping for the material things i need on etsy, because i feel like each item is unique; more personalized than what you might find at a local shopping outlet.  i feel good to support the people that make those things with their own hands.  i want to live in a world where i  actually know the person that created the objects i use each day and the ones i use to comfort myself and my child.  that way i feel personally connected to the objects in my home and know they were made with Love– and that is incredibly comforting to me, as well.

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