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Operation: Clean Studio

January 17, 2012

This holiday season definitely threw me for a loop (in the way of business and life in general) and ever since I’ve been desperately trying to pick up the pieces- in an orderly fashion of course. Really, what that’s meant is I’ve been cleaning house and putting away Christmas gifts for a month and have yet to touch my ‘studio’ space (aka the dining room/den/library/computer area). Instead, everything has been flung onto my desk (as you can see here) with no rhyme or reason. I actually took this photo about half way into my Operation: Clean Studio but figured the photo would suffice as a ‘before’ photo since the only area that’s remotely organized are the top two shelves. The top shelf holds fabric remnants for book purses and baby books and ring bearer pillows, and then the sad excuse for a ribbon organizer sits on the end with ribbon overflowing out the top. The second is home to my handmade light box as well as boxes and totes full of stamps and ink that I use in journaling. The third shelf will eventually be home to a tote of leather working tools, needles, patterns, snap buttons, and my art journals. The desk- well, that’s a whole other story.

To the right of my desk is the hutch I inherited from family that has always been home to art supplies, and is now just . . . a mess. An utter NIGHTMARE actually. Here you will find the kids’ art stuff (that they can’t get to) amongst finished Conduit Press stock, drawing paper pads, and who knows what else honestly. In front of the hutch sits two totes filled with ‘show inventory’ (and displays) and then box upon box of leather scraps I’ve been organizing by color. It’s a mess. Just. A. Mess.

So, last Monday (a week from yesterday) I began my journey into organizing this monstrosity (after cutting leather for about 30 books) because I just couldn’t take it anymore. Yes, I had cut down paper in this mess, and even cut down leather, but there was no way I could actually embellish anything with any sane amount of creativity if I didn’t have a clean space to work with. So, I went to work. For hours. And hours. About 3 am I called it quits with most of the work done. A stack of drawing paper pads were left on the floor to pick apart and recycle, but aside from that, I was pretty happy with my progress. I had a clean desk, a clean dining room table, and the hutch you could actually see. It was amazing.

Then, I got sick. And sicker. For a whole week I could only look at my perfect new space to work from the confines of my couch watching horrible daytime television (I started watching The Housewives of Beverly Hills!). And then, this weekend, I started to feel better. Alas, maybe I could work again!

But now the workload is impervious. Not only do I have a table full of leather to embellish and bind, but I need to start gluing books in order to carve them out. So, I brought in nearly 30 books from the garage to start the gluing and pressing process, which takes days, and I pulled out the wax paper with which to press them and then whilst they were drying I decided to start binding what I could, except, I’ve lost my awl. My one and only awl!

So, of course, I’ve torn the ‘used to be clean’ space upside down searching for it, went to purchase a new one only for the tip not to be sharp enough, sent the husband to take it back whilst I made a mess of my once perfect space. Before I even had the chance to show you the AFTER! What’s wrong with me!?

So, tonight I plan on gluing and pressing, and while they press and dry, I’ll clean the space yet again, because, I have to have proof that this space was once clean, and this might be the only time this year it’s remotely possible.

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  1. January 17, 2012 2:53 pm

    Oh boy, do I know how you feel! A clean, organized studio is just not possible…

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