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on finding inspiration…

January 13, 2012

since it is a new year and the slate feels so squeaky clean, i want to make an effort when i blog to be more varied in my writing.  of course i want to continue to write about motherhood and my daughter, but i want to share more than those pieces of myself.  i want to make sure that each month i share something with the readers that inspires me– a beautiful, unexpected quote in an article i’ve read, a piece of art that caught my eye, clothing that is unique and also functional, a photo that resonates deep in my belly… simply put, something that motivates me to write or draw or feel good.  i want to share things that mean something to me and inspire me in different ways.  and i encourage whomever out there that might be reading my posts to share with me the things that inspire you.

today i want to share with you a photo:

i came across this amazing print five years ago while scanning etsy during a break at work.  it took my breath away.  i don’t particularly have a strong connection to bobby kennedy, or his dog freckles, for that matter.  those of you who know me, however, know my affinity for the oregon coast… and, well, oregon, in general.  this is taken on the oregon coast and something about that makes my connection to the photo feel real.  this picture makes me think of the times is walked on that same coast with my own dog and reflected upon my life; dreamed of accomplishments and milestones the future might hold for me.  i imagine bobby going to the ocean for the same reasons i would– to get away; to clear my head; just to hear the ebb and flow of the waves.  the photo is incredibly simple and somehow conveys to me that moment of silence a man shared with his dog.  the two seem both leisurely and thoughtful; both introspective and momentarily content.

the feelings i imagine bobby having while walking on the coast being photographed, are those same feelings that well up in me when close to the ocean.  i somehow feel more at ease; more sensible.  maybe it is because i am a woman– maybe my body is all tied up, like the tide, in the moon and the gravitational pull.  i really am not sure, but i know that when i spend time on the shore, i always feel at home and more at peace with life itself.  the oregon coast, especially, i feel, is a magical place.  there, pine trees scatter the rocky coastline and monoliths jut up from the sea.  there, the sand feels especially gritty and the early morning fog clings to your skin and hair, thick and damp.  there, the salt water drops off at the horizon and matches the same slate blue-grey sky.

for me, the ocean is inspiring.  it seems to wash over me and renew my spirit.  the photo moves me in the same sense– it transports me to that place and time; the same place where bobby kennedy and his dog let the pacific lap around their ankles.  it makes me think of the times that the sea came onto shore to wet the feet of my dog, billie, and me.  the photo motivates me to take more time to walk slowly and refresh my outlook on life more often.  i am reminded by this photo to breathe deeply– the same way i would be motivated to do so if i were able to walk the shoreline of the oregon coast more often and be inspired by the sea.

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