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Finding Beauty (and time)

January 10, 2012

Sunday night as the older kids and Jim sat down to watch Weird Al’s movie (or something, I don’t really know, clearly I’m not interested) Griffin and I sat down to ‘play’ art. Griffin LOVES to draw, paint, stamp, color and do just about anything that’s related to making a mess and doing it on paper. And i Love him all the more for it of course!

My original intention was to continue reading the new book my mother-in-law loaned to me months ago (that I finally began a few days ago and I’m Loving it) but I got caught up showing Griffin how to use watercolors and dot markers. So, I decided to get out ye olde journal and get to work while I had the time- especially since I haven’t journaled in the visual journal since *gasp* August. And at the same time, I went ahead and pulled out Griffin’s letter book (I write a letter to Griffin every month – or at least,  I used to, the last letter I wrote to him was at 24 months, and he’s 29 months, that’s not TOO shabby).

Griffin and I both scribbled and painted and then I got some markers out, and then stamps. Griffin LOVES stamps. He especially likes the star stamps that I made from carving regular old erasers. I need to buy some new gum erasers actually to make some new ones!  He always leaves with a great big star stamp on his hand that he never wants to wash off.

So, by the end of the movie I’d finished two journal pages (technically 4, since I do them in spreads) and Griffin finished a masterpiece of course. Perhaps now that Griffin Loves to paint and draw I’ll get into this visual journal again. I’d Love to have more time to do more involved things with the journal other than just painting overlays and stamping – but we’ll see what time we get.

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  1. January 10, 2012 10:44 am

    Aww, that’s so sweet that you guys can make art together. How you manage to write him letters, keep an art journal, and do everything else you do is just amazing to me! I haven’t even kept up with Maddy’s baby book. It seems it’s all I can do to remember to snap photos as she grows. I need to be better about that kind of stuff.

    Can’t wait until Maddy is old enough to make art with me! Thanks for sharing both your masterpieces!

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