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on the inevitible changes to come…

January 6, 2012

the end of 2011 was wonderful and full of spectacle for me.  we spent christmas day with jason’s family and then spent a few days last week with my family in marion (although my sister could not be there, and i missed her so <3).  it was amazing to be able to spend some time with the family members with whom we did share the holidays and harper was delighted with all the food and special toys that she received.  new year’s eve was spent celebrating the nuptials with lisa and avery, a Lovely pair that have reveled in their Love for years, and chose to get married on their tenth anniversary.  it was delightful to spend time with them and see friends from many parts of the country also celebrating their special day.  it also made me a little nostalgic for when i met all those people a little more than ten years ago, and caused me to realize that no matter where we are in our lives mentally or topographically, i will always consider those people family.  they are people that “i grew up with.”  they are people that, even when we aren’t speaking regularly, i Love them and think of them.  they are all unique and special and have spaces in my heart.  so, yes, the holidays were Lovely, and emotional, and beautifully bright.  2011 was alright by me.

now, it is the beginning of a new year and 2012 will surely be filled with new challenges, successes, and, hopefully growth.  next week jason begins his first semester as a full-time student at indiana university, which means there will be less of him around the house.  in turn, this will make my at-home responsibilities greater and more singular.  i imagine this will also bring consumption of record amounts of coffee, but we have yet to see.  mostly, i imagine that 2012 will be filled with daily joys shared with my little girl.  harper will surely depend on me more than usual, since jason will be at class and consumed with homework more often than he previously was, but she is also growing and becoming more independent in some ways each day.

so, for myself, and for the space that i sound off here, i have some goals for this year.  this year, i resolve to spend more time with my family (the blood and the friend family, alike).  harper’s growth will allow me to get out with her more, so i intend to spend more time out and about in the world with her.  i want to really focus more on the people that compliment my life– i want to spend more time relishing in  moments of laughter and Love and i want my daughter to learn to what community is.  i want the concentric circles that are our lives to overlap into beautiful venn diagrams more often and in that overlapping space find magic and wonder.  i hope to learn and admire and grow this year, as a mother, a woman, a writer.  i hope for the posts that i write here to be pieces of writing that make others think, that sort out compartments in my mind, and that are words i am proud of.  i want my writing to flourish and i hope each piece i create is unique and thoughtful and opinionated.  mostly, in 2012, i want to focus on the small things a little more often.  i find days sometimes all blur together into a crazy smear of cooking meals and changing diapers.  i want to really begin to look more at the joys of every day and all that there is for which to be grateful.

surely 2012 will be another year which will pass seemingly too fast and i will watch milestones in our lives come and go and come and go again.  i feel fortunate and extremely grateful to be able to share them here– the good and the bad; the fleeting and those that linger on and on and on.  i am looking forward to this fresh new year; this beginning of things and the ending of others.  i feel hopeful.  and i feel incredibly blessed.  so, happy new year, to my family near and far, in all the ways you present yourself in my life.  i have copious amounts of Love for every single one of you and look forward to our ever-changing journey with one another… to full-blown smiles and intense reflection… happiest new year!

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