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What I've Learned: aesthetic and style

January 5, 2012

For quite some time I’ve been struggling with the aesthetic and style behind Conduit Press. I’ve been reluctant to put a label on it, and scared to define it. Mostly, I’ve been at a loss to even pinpoint what it really is.

But, what I’ve learned over the past year is that it’s not necessary to pigeon-hole yourself to one particular style or aesthetic. So what if one line of hollow books are vintage and rugged and the next are text books with modern graphics falling off the pages? So what if my first line of leather books were rustic and earthy complete with wooden buttons and leather twine belts and now my leather pops out at you  in bright colors of teal and purple boasting embroidered robots or a fiery phoenix? So what if my first line of baby books were modern contemporary fare and my next were recycled vintage? I guess my point is – all those things are me, and I’m Conduit Press and really, that’s what makes it ok. And that’s what makes it cohesive. For me. And I’m who matters.

I was reminded of this boldly last night when a dear friend and I were choosing fabric for our various projects. I’d gone up to the counter with this in hand. Earth and jewel tones. Dark. Warm. Quite Lovely. And I, of course, Loved each one of them with their off-set stripes and floral patterns – readying me for the spring and fall lines to come. The top fabric is gorgeous with large flowers in shades of olive, golden ochre and bellflower purple. Under that is a fabric outside of my comfort zone with a very classic design in orchid with flecks of gold. Beneath that are two version of striped fabrics that remind me of a colorful tree bark in shades of cabaret pink, olive, peach and deep reds. {Can you tell I’m embracing the perfect Pantone palette of 2012?}

As the woman behind the counter was cutting my 1/2 yard of each warm and Lovely fabric, I noticed these Lovelies in the bin behind the counter. Modern. Bright. Fun. And you know what – I bought those too. The top is a deep sodalite blue with an olive green interior with loads of white space and an interesting curvature. The bottom is a sweet turquoise and sodalite blues in circles and lines.

Each of these fabrics will make for great interiors of gorgeous vintage purses with titles like: English Literature, The Works of Shakespeare, Pride and Prejudice, and even a vintage Dictionary. I can’t wait to get started!

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  1. January 5, 2012 1:23 pm

    I love this post–sometimes I think we get so caught up in “branding” that we deprive ourselves of creative possibilities. I think we need to just roll with what we like a little more!

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