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A Year in Review – 2011

December 31, 2011

Another year has passed. And through all the drama, the 10 year old tantrums, the 2 year old milestones and the 16 year old growing pains, we’ve made it through. Today is New Years Eve and as a family we’re in Georgia with my husband’s family celebrating the day. It’s gorgeous outside and the kids are full of life and energy. The adults, not so much. But we’ll make it through another year and I wish you all a Happy New Year.

without further ado . . . our life in retrospect . . .

Winter 2011

We were stuck inside for many snow days and the ‘icepocalypse of 2011’  but we played with lots of toys, had our first adventure in the snow, and worked on new Conduit Press lines that included using our new embroidery machine! Many of the designs I ended up utilizing were tree related/oriented and I was SUPER happy with the results – as were my customers I think!

Spring 2011

Springtime in Indiana was filled with family time in 2011. We spent Easter with the in-laws and Spring Break with my family.

Business-wise Conduit Press was ecstatic to be accepted into the Bloomington Handmade Market spring show and thus spent many nights preparing for the big show. New products that debuted were Vintage Book Purses that were most definitely a hit with both the college crowd and their professors.

Summer 2011

This summer Griffin took his first family vacation with just Daddy and Mama to Mackinac City/Island Michigan. The three of us had loads of fun playing in the indoor water parks while the brisk chill in the air outside kept us away from the beautiful beaches (even though it was July). We tries pasties for the first time, napped in the middle of the day, and visited a zoo in Lansing. It was a great rest and family time for our little family.

For Conduit Press, I opted not to partake in nearly as many summer shows as I had the previous year. Instead, I prepared for applying for Chicago Renegade and bulking up stock on the off chance that I did get in for the Sept show (which I did!). Even though I pared down shows for the summer, I was honored to be accepted once again into the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange summer show and once again opted for an outdoor booth even though last summer the heat was excruciating. This year though, the weather was very agreeable and actually quite nice. My biggest show was yet to come though. I spent the majority of the summer preparing for the Renegade Chicago show.

Fall 2011

The fall is always the busiest time of year for anyone in retail/sales and anyone with a family of course. With the family we celebrated mine and daddy’s birthdays as well as Halloween and Thanksgiving. This year Griffin was a firetruck, though he thought he was a ‘choo choo’, but either way, he was super cute. My mom and I dressed up in Opposite of Far masks as a raccoon and fox.

In November Griffin started preschool at a local Jewish center that is within walking distance from our home. Though it took him some getting used to, he LOVES it now and mama gets time to work three hours two days a week that I didn’t used to have. It’s pretty amazing. He’s also started talking more (thanks to First Steps, preschool, and growing up) and is just about the cutest two year old I’ve ever laid eyes on, of course…I’m a little biased.

We spent many weekends traveling to and from my parents where they would watch Griffin as I toiled away at a show just about every weekend in both November and December. But oh, let’s not forget the Sept/Oct fall shows (Renegade and Craftin’ Outlaws) where I introduced three new lines of hollow books: lamps, clocks, and planters! Well, actually, the planters and clocks debuted at the Fair of the Arts Farmer’s Market here in Bloomington, but hit the big time while in Chicago.

Winter 2011/2012

And that brings us full circle to now. Indiana hasn’t had much of a winter yet, but we’re patiently waiting for a snow we can truly play in (it snowed in Bloomington just after we left town to travel South I hear).

We filled out the end of the year with shows with Krista Detor and a Last Minute Gift Fair at Paper Crane, where I recently took on the position of Co-Coordinator of the Handmade Shop.

I plan on writing a post in the coming week(s) about goals, achievements and resolutions for the new year, both personal and business, but for now I really wanted to focus on all the great that happened this year, because sometimes it’s really hard to see the good amongst the pretty bad year that our family has actually endured. So here’s to a great, an even better 2012 and we’ll see you next year!

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