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on the days with the rain…

December 23, 2011

in oregon, this time of year is swallowed up by grey skies and the magical rains.  rains that come in thick, wet, cold sheets, making it difficult for your windshield wipers to properly clear the precipitation.  other days the rain comes in fog-like mists that are somehow warming and delicate– the rain that you can walk in and never get quite wet.  there are days the rain is relentless and the winds from the coast blow heavy downpours into slanted showers that pelt windows, trees, your cheeks, with uncanny force.  and sometimes, the rain drops casually from the sky in large, thick splats and you are aware that if the air were even a few degrees colder, those would be fat, wet snowflakes landing on the ground.  this late autumn into the now, early winter, indiana has had those magical rains.  each day i wake up to a grey sky, i look forward to which rain will greet me that day.  suffice to say, after i have lived in oregon, i am always anxiously awaiting and welcoming the rain.  this past month has been for me.  if someone were to ask, i would be sure to tell them that this season, mother nature is an oregonian.

all the years i lived in the pacific northwest, i always worked around this time of year.  i never took a holiday off, as i didn’t have family near, and why not get paid time and a half to give my co-workers those days off to share time with their families?  those days in the kitchen at the grand lodge were always special to me.  those days were somehow quiet and full of solitude outside– as if the weather took time off for the holidays.  i remember christmas morning in 2003 it had actually snowed out in banks, where i lived, and i remember what a novelty it was for me.  i remember how crisp and cool and clean that inch or less of snow looked on christmas morning next to all the lush green firs.  the bluish-green stood out against the white covering the ground and the lemony-green moss on tree trunks that had just begun to appear, shone extra bright that day.  snow was a rare thing where i lived and to see it that morning, christmas morning, felt like my little secret.  it felt like wonder.

now it is the time of holidays here in indiana, and there has been only a day of fleeting snowflakes.  i can’t say i mind it, though.  i really adore the rain.  and i don’t even care if we have a white christmas when it comes and then goes in only a few days, because i have so many other things with which i am blessed… after all, this is our first christmas as a family of three.  this is the first christmas my daughter will celebrate (even though i am totally sure she has no idea what is happening).  so, this holiday, i hope for us (and for all of you, too) memorable times with dear friends and family.  and, no matter where you can find it– wonder.  and wonder.  and wonder.

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  1. James GIllie permalink
    December 23, 2011 2:01 pm

    Lovely! Happy Holidays!

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