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Meet your Maker(s): Sunday Afternoon Housewife

December 5, 2011

As part of my new job at Paper Crane and in preparing for the holiday season, I will be highlighting an artist whose work is represented at Paper Crane each week throughout the season.

This week I’m honored to introduce you to Martha Latta; the woman, the brawns, the brain behind Sunday Afternoon Housewife.

Six degrees of separation are too many degrees when you’re talking about the craft world and craft mafioso Martha Latta: founding foremother of Sunday Afternoon Housewife. The woman knows everyone, and everyone knows her, and if you don’t, you’re missing out- that’s all I have to say. Why should you know Martha? Well, for starters, she’s been running Sunday Afternoon Housewife in some incarnation or another since late 2004. Secondly, she’s also the brains behind the Indy craft shows aptly named “Handmade Promenade” that set up shop next to other big and local happenings in the area and bring art to the masses. Thirdly, she writes an awesomely cool blog with loads of great information for crafter, artist, and business-person. And last, but certainly not least, she’s just a super cool gal.

While Sunday Afternoon Housewife started as a “kitschy, home-printed zine that focused on local music, gross old gelatin recipes, crafting, and housekeeping” the business has grown into something of a household name. SAH creates Scrabble Tile Pendants for just about every holiday, event, theme, animal, literary device, or saying. You want it on a Scrabble Tile, I’m betting Martha can make it for you!

But, that’s not all. SAH is growing every day. Most recently Martha created “Indie Loves Indy” – a line of t-shirts (and now hoodies) featuring zip codes of favorite Indianapolis zip codes, showcasing Indiana Love in the best way we know how; right on our chests! I bet you’re thinking, “Well, I’m in Bloomington shopping at Paper Crane, I don’t need an Indy zip code to represent,” and you’re right. And so, Martha created for us our very own zip code to flaunt and fashion with the best of em. Don’t live in Indy OR Bloomington? Well, how about some general IN Love?

Really, if you think about it, Martha is anything but a Sunday afternoon housewife these days. What, with the busy-ness of running a home business, creating pendants and screen-printing her own t-shirt line, not to mention hosting Handmade Promenade events all over Indy and recently opening up a Pop-Up Shop for the month of December at the Art Bank on Mass Ave. About the only thing house-wifey about Martha is her Love of vodka drinks, her five cats and two dogs, and the bees she keeps with her husband with the help of fellow artists Lori and Nich.  But we won’t hold it against her, now will we?

Sunday Afternoon Housewife wares are available at Paper Crane Handmade Store on shelves and hangers in the form of scrabble tile pendant necklaces and her Indie Loves Indy line specially made for Bloomington area code 812.

Paper Crane is open Fri. 2-8, Sat. 10-4, and Sun 12-5.

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