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on the giving of gifts…

December 2, 2011

it’s coming up on christmas and this week i have been feeling under the weather, so i have made a little more time for myself than i usually do to scan the internet for gifts and gifts and gifts!  i do not really consider myself a materialistic person, but, hey, we all like to get presents, right?  so, i thought this friday i would take some time to share with those of you that read this blog some specific things i found that i covet… maybe you will find something listed that tickles your fancy or you will see something that inspires your search for a gift for a Loved one.  or, hey, feel free to purchase any of the mentioned items and gift them to me!  if you find something you Love, just click the picture and it should bring up the page where you can purchase the awesome item you have your eye on!  happy shopping, everyone!!

a great gift for any cat stevens fan!

excellent idea for someone that Loves to cook! (and they come in various state-shapes, too!)

trees! painted on an actual tree!!!

a beautiful journal accompanied by that smell of real leather (because it is!)! and the colors together just pop!

such a sweet stuffed animal for your young'n to cuddle!

a simple, yet stunning piece of jewelry!

an amazing photo of an amazing place!

a festive pillow can add a splash of color in any room of your home!

stay in touch with Loved ones year round with these notecards made from old maps into the shapes of states of your choice!

who isn't interested in a beautiful new coffee mug?

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