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Meet your Maker(s): CASEmethod

December 1, 2011

As part of my new job at Paper Crane and in preparing for the holiday season, I will be highlighting an artist whose work is represented at Paper Crane each week throughout the season.

This week I’m honored to introduce you to Melissa Carter, graphic designer by day, woodworker by night of CASEmethod.

When one happens upon Melissa Carter’s CASEmethod booth at an art fair you kind of just stop, look around to see where you are, and then bask in the simplicity and modernity of her wooden jewelry displayed on copper piping. Well, I know I did. I came upon CASEmethod’s table for the first time two years ago at an INDIEana Handicraft Exchange winter event held where the Indy Winter Farmer’s Market calls home. CASEmethod was unlike any jewelry I’d ever set eyes on before, it was jewelry I would personally not only buy, but wear myself.  Why? Well, the answer is simple. Melissa’s wooden jewelry blurs the line between male and female, modern and traditional, simple and elegant because it’s all of these things at once. And it;s crafted from wood.

Growing up Melissa remembers watching her father in his workshop often working with wood and dreaming of doing so herself. After not being able to find jewelry that fit her own aesthetic out and about, she started crafting her own style of wooden rings, and once she had too many for even one person to handle, she created CASEmethod.

When asked where her namesake (CASEmethod) derives from, Melissa answers “CASEmethod comes from a graphic design mentor in my college days. He told me it’s the secret to good design – copy and steal everything, or “C.A.S.E. method.” However, clearly Melissa simply uses this as her namesake and instead looks for inspiration in everything around her as her line of wooden jewelry is truly one of a kind.

“Sugar, spice and sawdust – that’s what this girl is made of.” But she’s more than just that. Melissa also finds comfort in her vegetarian lifestyle, crossword puzzles, and her lime green 1978 Honda Express moped that she rides when the weather is warm.

CASEmethod wares are available at Paper Crane Handmade Store in the form of awesome wooden belt buckles and cuff links and beautiful wooden hoop earrings. Paper Crane is open Fri. 2-8, Sat. 10-4, and Sun 12-5.

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