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Meet your Maker(s): Mythedemeanor

November 22, 2011

As part of my new job at Paper Crane and in preparing for the holiday season, I will be highlighting an artist whose work is represented at Paper Crane each week throughout the season.

This week I’m honored to introduce you to Sandy Baker of Mythdemeanor; steampunk clothing for every day life.

Sandy Baker. What can I say? Really, what is there to say? The girl makes me laugh, the girl makes me cry, the girl snuggles with the best of them with her little 5′ something” frame and is a burlesque dancer to boot. Seriously, what is there not to Love about Sandy Baker? Well, I’ll tell you what their is to Love, and that’s her awesome clothing line that she shares with her partner in crime Taryn; Mythdemeanor. And luckily, she shares that clothing line with us at Paper Crane too!

Coming from a family of reenactors Sandy spent the days of her youth dressed in historical garb and getting lost in the fantasy and history of it all. Clearly that history has influenced her design aesthetic in more than one way; from her bustles to her corsets, it’s clear that Sandy Baker marches to the beat of a different kind of drummer . . . err, maybe a different kind of instrument altogether!

In college Sandy studied costume design, but felt stifled by the rules and regulations of creating historical costume garb. She wanted to make things outside of the box, she wanted to go all willy nilly with the crazy and create fun and wacky clothing that hearkened back to the good old days of her reenactment times, but also had a flare for the modern, the colorful, and the silly. Thus, Mythdemeanor was born.  Now Sandy specializes in all kinds of creative endeavors from screen-printing original designs onto ties and t-shirts to piecing together one of a kind custom costume designs (like my favorite: Leeloo from the movie Fifth Element).

When Sandy isn’t crafting for Mythdemeanor and traveling around the midwestern states peddling her outrageous wares to the unknowing populace, you can find her still knee deep in needles and pins, working as a seamstress for a local alterations shop. If she’s not there, she’s likely coloring her hair another wacky color (it hasn’t been its natural color since junior high!) or gearing up for a Burlesque show with the Bloomington Burlesque Brigade as the one, the only, Rose Hips.

Mythdemeanor wares are available at Paper Crane Handmade Store in the form of Sandy’s famous Oppenheimer t’s and her steampunk inspired silk-screneed ties in variations of gears. Paper Crane is open Fri. 2-8, Sat. 10-4, and Sun 12-5.

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