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on gratitude…

November 18, 2011

the holiday season is always a little overwhelming and this time of year always makes me slow down and think about the things that are really important to me.  aldous huxley said, “most human beings have an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted.”  i think more often than not, that is the case.  i know i take certain things for granted more often than i intend to.  i also know that this week i want to take my time here to relay my gratitude to the people for whom i am thankful…

first and foremost, thank you to my dear, old friend, talia, who allows me this space each week to write what it is i feel and think and gives me breadth of topics and word usage.  without being held accountable to write a blog every friday, i am sure i wouldn’t actually do one of the things i Love most in the world, which is write.  thank you, talia, for millions of tiny things in our friendship, and thank you for the opportunity to share my ideas and opinions with your readers.

i am thankful for my friends, my dearest of friends– some who live close by, some who live very far away.  the ones i have known for years and years and years and the ones who i have only known a short time.  the ones who i don’t see often enough, and the ones who i used to see nearly every day (and whom, by default, i see even less now that i have a child).  you have helped me become who i am– you have inspired me.  you have fought with me.  you have talked with me and listened to me.  you have made my life better, simply by being part of it.  you are in indiana.  you are in oregon.  you are in california.  you are in washington.  you are in kentucky.  you are in minnesota.  you are everywhere.  you are in my heart.  you know who you are.  if i know you now or knew you back then, i mean you.  you are Loved.

i am thankful for my immediate family– my mother and father and sister and granny.  you are always there for me… no matter how much or how little you agree with my decisions in life, you see me through them.  you support me.  you make me feel special and important and like i have a place in the world.  you raised me and you know me and you like and dislike me, all at the same time.  even when we are not physically together, you are there.  you are in my thoughts and my situations.  the things you taught me resonate in my every day– in my every decision.  you are pieces of me.  you are who i am.

finally, i have overflowing gratitude to my partner and my daughter.  i am thankful to jason, who always lets me have the biggest slice of pizza, wakes me up when i have drifted off in the bubble bath, and massages my feet when my day feels too long.  and harper, who has already taught, and will continue to teach me more about myself than i thought i was ever capable of knowing.  thank you both, for the smiles and smiles and smiles… i am eternally grateful… you both have my heart…

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  1. James GIllie permalink
    November 19, 2011 11:20 pm

    Thank you Lydia for being an inspiring part of my life!

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