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Meet your Maker(s) – Paper Acorn

November 15, 2011

As part of my new job at Paper Crane and in preparing for the holiday season, I will be highlighting an artist whose work is represented at Paper Crane each week throughout the season.

This week I’m honored to introduce you to Jessica Wolf of Paper Acorn whose work can be seen this weekend (Saturday, November 19) at Crafty Supermarket in Cincinnati, OH and every day at the Paper Crane Handmade Store.

When Jessica Wolf walks into a room you smile, you just can’t help it. I’m not quite sure if it’s just her sweet infectious smile or that gorgeous curly hair, but you just know you’re in good company when Jessica is around. That high spirit mixed with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and six years working in the package design industry has definitely helped to form the business Jessica founded in August of 2009: Paper Acorn.

Paper Acorn mixes a bit of whimsy with the traditional, a scad of modern with a touch of fairy tale in the form of paper; all paper, all the time. Jessica is able to take bits of plain white paper (and at times colorful bits as well) and transform them into paper cut-outs, luminaries, boxes, and paper sculptures that make you smile and yearn for a simpler time. These bits of paper have been featured in Martha Stewart’s Wedding Magazine as well as numerous weddings all over the country.  ($3-$50)

The art behind Paper Acorn comes naturally, according to Jessica. Coming from a family full of DIY’ers, that crafting/art blood runs through her veins about as thick as the desire to sit and watch Netflix movies whilst eating popcorn on the couch all day. That’s not to say she sits on the couch and watches Netflix all day, but she can (day)dream. Aside from Netflix, Jessica likes to fly by the seat of her pants on roller coasters at Kings Island and hopes to someday take a jump from a plane, with a parachute on of course. In the meantime she continues to work in her in-house studio cutting intricate paper designs that make us swoon.

Jessica works full-time with Paper Acorn out of her home in Cincinnatti, OH. She Loves traveling the area for craft shows and hopes someday to even hire a few employees to take Paper Acorn to the next level. You can find her sweet little paper birdie boxes as well as cupcake boxes and even a robot and typewriter at the Paper Crane Handmade Store, open Fri. 2-8, Sat. 10-4, and Sun 12-5.

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